Most of the deceased was in fact partnered or perhaps in a relationship (forty-eight

This study profile into the anonymized and you may unidentifiable investigation free so you’re able to people. After the Helsinki report (12), internationally and you may national guidelines of great practice, i made use of which anonymous databases to help you post on suicide manner making certain one no spoil is brought about, or confidentiality breeched.


Ranging from 1997 and you may 2019, there are dos,098 committing suicide deaths for the older adults living in Ecuador. Most of the inactive was in fact guys 84.0% (n = 1,762) and sixteen.0% (n = 336) was in fact girls. 6%), and most got reached as much as number 1 top training (46.9%). Ethnicity are submitted from 2009 (letter = 1,343), and you may mixed-race mestizos represented more fatalities across each other people and you may girls (73.1 and you may 64.2% respectively). Desk step 1 reports towards sociodemographic features of one’s ong indigenous people were higher for females (14.4%) in comparison to males (4.8%).

Prices by the Intercourse

Lady committing suicide pricing possess remained apparently stable while the 1997 during the Ecuador, if you are male cost keeps fluctuated, with high develops anywhere between 2002 and you may 2009, and 2014 and you may 2016, and you may managed apparently steady over the past 36 months (2017–2019) (while the shown when you look at the Contour step 1). Whenever including deaths out-of undetermined intent, increases had been recognized for both males and females, with better grows indexed one of males (as revealed in Figure step 1). Undetermined fatalities s however, increased once again off 2010 forward.

Contour 1. Joinpoint investigation. Age-modified suicide and you can undetermined dying (UD) costs during the the elderly from the intercourse one of everyone aged sixty ages and old when you look at the Ecuador, 1997–2019. (A) Age-modified committing suicide and undetermined passing (UD) rates for the guys old sixty ages and you can more mature inside the Ecuador, 1997–2019. (B) Age-modified committing suicide and you will undetermined demise (UD) costs in females aged sixty many years and you may old inside the Ecuador, 1997–2019.

The latest yearly age-modified men suicide price is actually 31.8 for each and every a hundred,100000, since the females committing suicide price try 5.twenty-six for every single a hundred,000 into the investigation period (1997–2019). Whenever adding undetermined fatalities, the fresh yearly female and male committing suicide as well as the undetermined demise price is 60.5 and you may fourteen.3 for each and every one hundred,100, correspondingly, for the 1997–2019.

Years Variations

Alongside a 3rd out have a peek at this hyperlink of members, 29.2% (n = 654) was in fact old sixty–64 age, accompanied by 21.7% (n = 454) old ranging from 65 and you may 69 many years. While doing so, 18.5% (letter = 389) was in fact 70–74 decades, 75–79 many years (letter = 259, a dozen.4%), and you will 16.3% (letter = 342) had been 80 many years otherwise old. The highest committing suicide rates have been discovered one of many 80 along with years-class, as the lowest suicide prices among the 65–69 generation was basically in the men (consider Additional File 1). Among girls, the highest rates was in fact advertised on 70–74 generation, and lowest pricing in the 65–69 age group.

Cost because of the Part and you can Province

Suicide costs because of the urban area (rural and you can metropolitan) had been large certainly one of cities in anyone. Among men, higher suicide costs were observed one particular residing cities since observed in Shape dos. With respect to provinces, guys from Canar (20.cuatro per a hundred,000), Azuay (17.six for every single a hundred,000), and you may Los Rios (17.2 for every one hundred,000) had the large committing suicide prices during the analysis period. These provinces are mostly from the Highlands/Sierra (letter = 2), having Los Rios representing the brand new Coastline. The lowest men committing suicide prices had been said throughout the Insular and you will Seaside areas of Galapagos (0 each one hundred,000) and you can Santa Elena (4.step three each one hundred,000) (refer to Secondary Document dos for additional suggestions). Certainly women, the highest rates was in fact said on Highlands/Sierra: Chimborazo (cuatro.cuatro for every single one hundred,000) and you will Cotopaxi (4.2 for every single one hundred,000) in addition to lower costs was in keeping with guys: Galapagos (0 for each and every 100,000) and you may Santa Elena (0 per 100,000).

Differences in Trends

Joinpoint research showed that the fresh AAPC into the suicide pricing one of boys are 3.step 3 (p = 0.3) and 2.4% (p step three.0.CO;2-Z