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Synopsis of Tamang film Lhapsangkarpo

 Language: Nepali / Tamang 
Subtitle: English
Genre: Fiction 
Director/Scriptwriter/Editor: Roshan Phyuba Tamang
 Marnen Waiba Tamang, 
Khanchha Lama Tamang, 
Chharmaya Tamang
Cinematographer: Sagar Khadka
Artist: Chharmaya Tamang, Marnen Tamang, Kanchha Lama Tamang, Suk Bahadur Tamang,Salman Tamang
The film titled Lhapsangkarpo (Living Paradise)  begins from a village school. Student mhendo makes a promise that after pursuing the higher education, return back and contribute to bring positive change among the community lives living in the Lhapsangkarpo. But, prior to sent-up exam, she was forced to married with her own cousin brother, which led her aim remains more in dream. She struggles with manifolds of challengs which come after the marriage. However, with the help of her close friends she manage to organize a program aiming toprotect the lifestyles and culture of Lhapsangkarpo.  The worst is, the froends of her own husband create hurdle for halting the program.
The film depicts the animal hunbandary, the traditional profession of Tamang living in Lhapsangkarpo region. It  has portrayed   the style and story of sheep herding and of the Shepherds like it has featured the traditional administration system like paying of taxes for using of pastures and it has also depicted a character, who has a deep love of the country and therefore prys on the mains(Buddhist Shrines) wishing for peace and prosperity of the country. 
The Film Lhapsangkarpo has awarded by best Jury award in 2nd Tamang film and music award 2014 and official selected in 7th Nepal International Indigenous film festival 2013 by Indigenous film archive IFA.  

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